Frequently Asked Questions

Will you learn our first dance and perform it for us?
Yes, with two months' notice we can learn any request and perform it for you free of charge.

Will you also play recorded tracks in the intervals between your sets?
Yes, from the moment we have our speakers set up we can have tracks playing, and in all the breaks, until the end of the night, ensuring your guests don't leave the dance floor all evening. This comes at no extra cost.

Will you bring everything you need?
Yes, we are fully self-contained and bring a superb high quality PA system, lighting rig, and full band equipment. All we request is a minimum of 2 standard power outlets, leaving you with absolutely nothing to worry about, except having a great time.

We have a few favourite songs we'd love the band to perform, but they aren't on your setlist. Would you be able to learn them for us?
Yes, although there may be a charge. Please contact us with any specific requests.

We have a load of favourite tracks from your repertoire but don't like others. Is it possible to choose songs for you to play?
Yes, we can work with you choosing your favourites, and will always be there to advise what we think will work the best to suit your particular friends and family/clients.

How long do you normally play for?
We normally perform for a total duration of 120 minutes, split into two 60 minute sets, or three 40 minute sets. We are very flexible and are happy to work around any of your plans for the evening. We can also offer a further 30 minutes performance at an extra cost.

Where are you from? Will you travel to perform at our event?
We are based in the West Midlands, but are more than happy to travel to events.

Are you available at short notice?
Yes, we could normally play the next day if we are available.

Do you hold Public Liability Insurance?
Yes we have full PLI, certificate available upon request.

Is all your equipment PAT tested?
Yes, everything is tested and we hold certificates if needed.